Devices run out of power, fail, or are just plain awkward to use in some situations. For this reason, we created Hiiker print maps. For every trail on the Hiiker platform, you can download and print PDF maps of the entire trail. This can be done on iOS, Android, and the website.

About the Print Maps

Download a sample print map here

Hiiker print maps are broken up in to short, 10-20 mile sections. They contain mile/km markers, they contain a full elevation profile for each stage of the trail, magnetic declination (the difference between true north and magnetic north). See below for more information.

How to download Print Maps on

Regardless of where you purchased a trail on Hiiker, you can download print maps on the website.

  • Simply go to the relevant trail page (you can search here for the trail you are looking for).
  • Tap on download print maps.
  • And thats it!