Hiiker helps you to explore long-distance hiking trails around the world. We have launched our new website to help people find and plan their next hiking adventure with hundreds of trails ready to explore.

Hiiker are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website. With the largest collection of long-distance hiking trails in the world and amazing reception from hikers across the UK and Ireland, we are delighted to bring our product to the web, to help people share and plan the trails they want to complete. Following on from the launch of the iOS and Android app versions in July 2019, the website represents a new way to plan before you hit the trail.

The website will enable Hiikers to explore all of our trails on a beautifully detailed map with 6 different map layers. The site contains a home page for every trail with all of the information you need to start planning. We also have a full-screen map where you can see a huge collection of hostels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, and hotels along the trail at a single glance. The ability to see all of the accommodation in one go makes it really easy to pick the perfect place you want to stay in on the trail with the context of the trail. No more staying 10km away from the path! You can also plan out your food breaks every day with our huge collection of pubs, restaurants, and shops along the trail-ready to view from the comfort of your laptop, PC or tablet. Then, once you have found your trail and made your plan, our subscribers can take it offline on the trail using the Hiiker app.