With Covid-19 forcing people to socially distance themselves from others around the world, the aim of this article is to help people find other trails that are less crowded, yet are often equally if not more beautiful than the very popular trails.

Rather than cancel your plans this year, you may find it more feasible to stick by the rules if you hike a less crowded trail.

With that in mind, below you will see a list of trails I have compiled, based on Hiiker App data that are much less popular but equally spectacular as the likes of the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, or Tour du Mont Blanc.

1. Grand Enhancement Trail – Arizona

Trail Map – Distance 750 Miles

The Grand Enhancement Trail in Arizona

2. Mountains-to-Sea Trail – North Carolina

Trail Map – Distance 1176 Miles

3. Zion Traverse – Utah

Trail Map – Distance 47 Miles

Zion Traverse Trail in Utah

4. North Country Trail – North/Northeast

Trail Map – Distance 4671 Miles

5. Lone Star Trail – Texas

Trail Map – Distance 94 Miles

Lone Star Trail in Texas

6. Mark O Hatfield Trail – Oregon

Trail Map – Distance 52 Miles

Mark O Hatfield Trail

7. Pacific Northwest Trail – Washington/Montana

Trail Map – Distance 1246 Miles

8. Ultra Pedestrian North Loop – Idaho/Washington

Trail Map – Distance 2658 Miles

9. Outer Mountain Loop – Big Bend National Park Texas

Trail Map – Distance 31 Miles

10. Pinhoti Trail – Alabama

Trail Map – Distance 325 Mile


Credit to Teresa for helping with the Pinhoti!