Well this is great, you have received a promo code! But now, what to do with it. Below is a brief guide that will help you get access to content that you have received.

1.Copy the code

Its easiest to copy the code to your clipboard on your device. The codes are sometimes quite long so it might not be handy to write it out. To do this just highlight the code and then tap on copy.

An example of copying some text on Android. I wonder if that code is real 🧐 (Its not 😅).

2. Enter the Hiiker App

Simply tap on the Hiiker App icon to enter the app.

The Hiiker App icon

3. Go to the purchase page

If you know the promo code is for a specific trail, go to that trail by search for it in the search bar on top or by select it on the map. Otherwise tap on any trail that isn’t owned and tap on any item with the lock symbol.

Notice the purple circle. If you tap there or anywhere with the undefined symbol.

4. Tap on the item for which the promo code is for

On the proceeding purchase page tap on the relevant item. For example, if your promo code is for the 3-Year unlimited, tap on that. If it is for an individual trail, tap on that. Don’t worry this will not purchase anything, it is necessary to select the redeem option.

The purchase screen on Hiiker

5. Select the payment method

At the bottom of the screen a payment dialog will appear. Tap on the payment method in the middle. Depending on your device it might say a variety of things. Either way, tap on it, and in the proceeding screen select redeem.

Tap on the payment method. Mine says Test card, your will not say that. Either way, tap on it and select redeem.

6. Paste in the promo code

In the dialog that appears, paste in the promo code and submit it. That will unlock the promotion you have received.

Any problems!

We are ready to help, just contact support@hiiker.co