Getting outside is a great. It can help people to have a positive outlook on life, it can help them get exercise, and it get makes for great memories. But, with COVID-19 spreading rapidly around the world, people are keeping their physical distance, making it difficult to safely get outside, or in some cases, against government rules. We will recover from this though, and there will be a life left for us to explore the great trails of australia.

The selected trails are derived from Hiiker data and personal opinion from trails I have researched, or based on trails recommended to me by others.

1. Burchell Trail – She Oaks, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 33 km

Burchell Trail

2. Kedumba Valley Circuit – Katoomba, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 33 km

Kedumba Valley Circuit

3. Thorsborne Trail

Trail Map – Distance 28 km

Thorsborne Trail

4. Six Foot Track – Katoomba, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 44 km

Six Foot Track

5. Victoria Falls and Grose Valley – Berambing, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 23 km

Victoria Falls and Grose Valley

6. Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Vivonne Bay, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 55 km

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

7. Carnarvon Great Walk – Queensland, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 78 km

Carnarvon Great Walk

8. Hume And Hovell Track – Marchmont, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 425 km

Mawson Trail

9. Sunshine Coast Great Walk – North Maleny, Australia

Trail Map – Distance 46 km

Sunshine Coast Great Walk

10. Green Gully Track – Congewai, Australia 

Trail Map – Distance 97 km

Green Gully Track

And thats it

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