The worlds longest coastal path will open in the UK next year, covering beautiful coastal stretches of over 2,700 miles, longer than other monster trails of the world like the Appalachian Trail, or the Pacific Crest Trail. With the 872 mile Wales Coast Path finished in 2012, it makes for some great coastal hiking in the UK.

The trail should be fully completed in mid-2021 and is broken into 4 main regions, North East, North West, South East, South West.

On the South West Coast Path in England

The trail will add to the list of National Trails in the UK and is being created by the government body, Natural England. There are already hundreds if not thousands of miles you can walk on Englands Coast, including the 640 miles South West Coast Path.

While the trail will have a strong pull for the worlds Thru-Hikers, it will also be ideal for day hikes and weekend hikes. Much of the path opens up access to the coastline that was never accessible before.

Wales Coast Path has been open wince 2012.

In total the trail is made up 66 sections across the coast of England that are gradually opening. The trail makes for a great way to understand Englands cultural and natural history, from Roman ports in the North West, to the beautiful castles and rocky cliffs of the Northumberland Coast Path. Further down to the South East you’ll hike on what is part of the Saxon Shore Way.

Northumberland Coast Path, soon to be part of the England Coast Path