It’s our job to try and help you pick a new adventure for the next time we can all get outside. Here is a pick of some of the best trails that we have spotted from our research.

I can honestly say this is more than a random, list of trails. The list is put together by speaking with hikers and from collaborating with the worldwide hiking community. The only thing it is biased by is it only contains trails we have on Hiiker.

Malerweg, Germany

The trail that deserves more attention outside of Germany

The Painters Way

Malerweg or the Painter’s Way is a 111km trail in Saxony in southeastern Germany. It gets its name from the many painters in past centuries that would come to walk in the area to paint the beautiful rock formations. It’s a stunning trail that can be challenging in terms of elevation gains and descents. There are plenty of options both for camping and for a hostel/B&B style hike. “What if we walked” has a great blog about the trail, that’s worth checking out. You can find trail maps and accom listing here.

Coast to Coast Trail, UK

Ever since watching Abbie Barnes Video, I want to do this trail…. Hopefully this year….

The Coast to Coast trail is a 182 Mile trail from the Irish Sea at St. Bees to Robinhood’s bay. Ever since chatting with Abbie Barnes and watching her video on the trail, I am convinced this is a trail that I am going to hike soon.

Pinhoti Trail, Alabama, US

Pinhoti Trail, if you are considering the AT, this is the prep trail for you

Alabamas’ link to the Appalachian Trail

For many, the Pinhoti is a less well explored, and less well known, much smaller version of the AT. It’s not perfect; there are some road sections with and boring rail trail parts, but, as you will see from “Darwin onthetrails” videos, it can make for great hiking. If you are considering a thru-hike on the AT, the Pinhoti will make for perfect training.