COVID-19 has completely changed life as we know it. This worldwide pandemic has effected each and everyone of us. Nevertheless, April has brought many of us unseasonably beautiful weather, making it harder than ever to stay inside and off trails. Since we aren’t able to be out hiking now, we have decided to bring some ways to stay occupied inside. Here’s our weekly movie recommendation to keep you inspired. So hunker down, set up a tent in your living room or backyard, and get watching.

My attempt at creating an indoor campsite

Wild – and the Pacific Crest Trail

When Reese Witherspoon brought Wild, the true story by Cheryl Strayed to the big screen, she brought “thru-hiking” and the “PCT” to the world’s attention. The movie follows the emotional personal journey of Cheryl as well as her physically challenging journey up the west coast.

Throughout the movie, scenes highlight the diverse and beautiful scenery the United States has to offer. From expansive deserts, high mountains, to dense forests, this trail truly has it all. As the trail stretches from the Mexico-California border, all the way in to Canada. Just because we can’t be out hiking right now, does not mean we can’t plan trips for the future.

A hiker on the trail in Northern California.

Pacific Crest Trail – 2650 miles (4130km)

If you don’t have several months to set aside for hiking once out of lockdown, maybe a highlight portion of the trail is a more realistic goal.

The Pacific Crest Trail – Henry M. Jackson Wilderness. can be completed in less than a week. Don’t forget to stop in the German town of Leavenworth after for a well deserve stein of beer and pretzel.

View of Blanca Lake while hiking the famed trail.

Trail Map – Distance 37 miles (60km)

Another extremely popular section is the Pacific Crest Trail – Mount Adams to Mount Rainier. This section of the hike could be reasonably be completed in just a few weeks.

Mount Adams at sunset

Trail Map – Distance 141 Miles (227km)

What are you doing to stay connected to the outdoors during the worldwide lockdowns? Do you have any good movie or book inspiration for us? Have you had an at home campout that was much better than mine? Have you completed a hike from home challenge? Let hiiker know!