“Sentiero dei Parchi” or the Path of the Parks is a newly proposed trail for Italy that has received 35 Million euro in funding to help make it a reality. The parks goal is to unite all 25 of Italy’s national parks with one single trail. The path will take in the Dolomites in the North and some of Italy’s breathtaking coastlines.

Credit Italian Alpine Club (CAI)

The hop is that the trails will help to preserve the parks but also to increase their usability for hikers around the world. The will also introduce a passport system for the trail, with a stamp representing each national park. The path expands on the current CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Italy path.

Via degli Abati is a trail that will form part of the Path of the Parks

Currently the CAI Italy path connects 18 of the 25 Italian national parks, but the creation of the of the Path of the Parks will formalise some of the joining paths, as well as adding new variants that will direct the hikers towards areas of special bio diversity, protected areas, and to UNESCO natural sites.

There is no specific date yet set for the launching of the trail but with the funding now in place it is hoped it will be sooner rather than later. You can be sure as soon as we can get data on the trail and we can hit the trail ourselves, we will have it live on the Hiiker platform.