1. Moselsteig

This 372 km trail in the West of Germany runs through beautiful wine country along the Moselle River. During the summer months you can expect many beautiful days with the sun glistening off the river onto the surrounding valley. This is a trail for culture and history buffs. You will pass through the oldest town in Germany, Trier, founded by the Celts in the 4th Century BC, and the birthplace of Karl Marx. And of course… This is a trail for the wine connoisseurs. There is particularly unique wine created along the Moselle River in France, Luxembourg and Germany, as it is one of the coldest climates in the world used for commercial vineyards.

2. 66-seen-wanderweg

The 66 Lakes trail

The 66-seen-wanderweg is a relatively flat trail that is ideally suited for newcomers to long-distance hiking. Across its more than 400 km you will loop around Berlin visiting 66 lakes along the way. While it can be completed in about 16 days at a leisurely pace, an experienced hiker who likes a strong pace could expect to complete it in about 10-12 days. This is definitely a trail to bring your swimsuit on!

The forests and the meadows are just as appealing as the lakes on this trail. Sections of the trail lend very well for a camping/hosteling trip, particularly in the Southeast of the trail.

3. Hochrhöner

One of the most popular trails in Germany

The award winning trail in centre of Germany offers beautiful views through a spectacular Rhön biosphere in Bavaria. It only ever reaches a max altitude of 950 meters, but don’t let that deceive you. There will be still a lot of tough, to moderately tough climbs.

4. Eifelsteig, Eifel National Park

The Eifelsteig has the slogan, “Just you, the water, and the rocks” and that captures what you can expect on the trail. On your 312 km journey through the Eifel National Park, you can expect lush volcanic lands, raised bog moorlands, and ancient millstone caves in Gerolstein. This trail can be a little tougher than it might first appear, there is a lot of ups and downs that will be a good challenge for anyone.

5. Jurasteig

The Jurasteig is a looped trail Bavaria that is ideal for more experienced hikers. It is completed across 13 stages. It starts just southeast of Regensburg, and heads counter clockwise to cover the loop. It is an award winning trails be certified as a quality trail by the German Hiking Association.

6. Malerweg

The Painters Way

The Malerweg is situated in Eastern Germany.