Graphic credit: Darekk2

NB: The calculation of time to walk a distance can be rendered inaccurate by sections that require scrambling. The prediction may show a much faster hike time prediction for such a section than might be experience in reality. We are working a solution to this, and will update this as we improve things.

We use certain values to help calculate walking distance using a methodology called Naismith’s rule. Naismith’s rule states that you will take 1 hour to walk every 5 km (3 miles) and you will take one hour to gain every 600 meters (2000 feet). Therefore, it will take 2 hours to walk 5 km and gain 600 meters. We use those default values to estimate your expected walking time.

You can adjust the estimated values if you are a trail runner for example, perhaps you might set the distance covered in 1 hour to 10km. If you are an expert at climbing fast, you may think that you can gain 1000m of elevation every hour when hiking.

To adjust the values please set them on the settings page.