It’s taken a while, but I (Paul) have put together a quick guide on how to use all of the different features of the app. In the description of the videos you can see links to all of the specific features of the app if you are looking for something specfic.

44:48 TL;DR: Quick synopsis of everything.

0:00 Intro

0:15 What can you expect in this video?


2:09 Home Screen: Text Search

2:24 Home Screen: Map Search

4:32 Home Screen: Filter Search

6:12 Profile Page

6:50 Settings Page: Changing to Metric/Imperial

7:03 Settings Page: Change Ets. Hike Times


8:57 How do you view a trail map?

10:02 How do you change the trail direction?

10:42 How do you download offline maps?

13:38 How do you download a GPX file of the trail?

14:30 How do you view climate information about a trail?

15:33 How do you create printable maps?

19:06 How do you add a trail review?


19:57 Change Map Style

21:26 How do you show your GPS location on the map?

23:13 How do you show accommodations and amenities on the map?

24:45 How do you find contact information for a trail Accom & Amenities?

27:28 How do you search for locations on the trail?

29:30 How do you create a trail itinerary?

33:29 How do you create print maps of your itinerary?

36:04 How do you add your own markers to the map?

38:57 How do you measure distances on the trail?

41:53 How do you view a full-screen elevation profile?

43:13 How do you view your location on the elevation profile?

44:48 TL;DR: Quick synopsis of everything.