So we are trying something new..

You may have noticed that the number of trails we have (particularly in Ireland) has increased a good bit in the last few weeks. Not only is this the fantastic work by Malika and our trail production team, but it’s also a trial to see how our users experience using HiiKER on shorter trails.

The White route – Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

HiiKER has been crafted for the long-distance hiker and it still will be. This is how we started and we will continue to improve our product for those out for the long-haul! But we also see the need for a guide in the shorter distance space. One that can bring the learning and ethos of long-distance hiking to a wider audience.

We have never tracked our users hikes and we don’t plan on doing this any time soon. Our mission is to get more people out doors, not to get them out and staring at their phones! We are experimenting to see if tracking your hike is REALLY what people want. I know from using other tracking and fitness apps, that I personally get wrapped up in the stats and forget the reason I went out in the first place.

So we are trying something new. If you are based in Ireland and are choosing to hike a short trail, check out the hundreds of trails we have on HiiKER. We are always happy to receive feedback so please let us know what you think!

Happy trails