COVID-19 has completely changed life as we know it. The worldwide pandemic has effected each and everyone of us. (MAYBE LESS IMPORTANTS)? April has however brought us many of us unseasonably beautiful weather, making it harder than ever to stay inside and off the trails. But never fear, we can hike when this passes.

In the mean time, many of us now have weekends that are filled with boredom and looking longingly out the window. Here at HiiKER we have decided to bring you some weekend homework (in the form of a movie), what have you, to keep you busy.


Buddymoon is an independent comedy based in Portland, Oregon. David is a former child actor, who has recently been left by his fiancé, just a week before his wedding. David now finds himself in a depressed state with his already booked honeymoon approaching. Luckily for David, his best friend, Flula, has the idea that they will make the trip into a “buddymoon.” The two embark on a week-long journey following in the footsteps of the famous explorers, Merryweither Lewis and Clark. The movie draws many comparisons between the modern journey David and Flula are on, and the explorers journey. hike following the Oregon Trail.

Oregon Trail – Distance 50 Miles

Case Mountain on the Shenipsit Trail

2. Nipmuck Trail – Mansfield Center, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 35 Miles

Mansfield Hollow Lake

3. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail – Southington, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 23 Miles

Collinsville, CT bridge

4. Pachaug Trail Loop – Griswold, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 30 Miles

Beachdale Pond

5. Quinnipiac Trail – North Haven, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 21 Miles

Naugatuck State Forest

6. Mattatuck Trail – Wolcott, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 46 Miles

The view from Black Rock

7. Menunkatuck Trail – Guilford Center, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 16 Miles

Gilford’s Upper Lake

8. Mohawk Trail – Canaan, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 23 Miles

Views from Mohawk Trail State Forest

9. Appalachian Trail Section Hike-Sage Ravine to Pawling – Mount Washington, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 57 Miles

Wyantenock State Forest

10. Air Line State Park Trail – Merwinsville, Connecticut

Trail Map – Distance 50 Miles

Following old railroad tracks, this trail is accessible for hikers and bikers alike.