How do we make hiking Sustainable?

While we are scaling HiiKER, more and more people are discovering the amazing hiking trails available to them all around the world. This is incredible. Our core mission is to connect people to the planet. So more people on trail is a good thing… right?

Not entirely.

Sunset on the GR 20

The reality of things is that there are some trails more popular than others. And as more people hike these trails, there is an inevitable impact from that traffic. Hikers could be the most conscientious people in the world, but no matter how environmental you are, you have an impact.

For many trails around the world, there are Trail organisations or local groups who build, manage, maintain and promote the trail. These organisations are normally voluntary and have very limited budgets. A lot of their budget goes into ensuring that the trail is safe and clean for hikers. Some will receive their budgets through donations or government funding. But, having met many of the organisations in existence, these budgets are stretched very thin.

So how can we help? How can you help?

The Continental divide trail. (Not pictured – warmth)

Our trail sustainability program is designed to do just that.

You might remember our announcement about the partnership with the Southwest Coast Path earlier this year. This has become the template for the HTSP (HiiKER Trail Sustainability Program). We are now working with several trail organisations to divert profits from HiiKER PRO sales to the respective trail organisations to help with the costs of building and managing the trails we hike.

So what does this mean for you?

Let’s say you decide to hike the Southwest coast path (or any of the HTSP members). You download the trail to your phone using HiiKER – a £/$/€ donation will be made directly from that sale to the trail organisation. You can hike, safe in the knowledge that a portion of the money you have spent will go directly to the trail organisation.

Of course, this does not minimise ours (or a hiker’s) impact. But it does help strengthen the infrastructure of the trail and maintain it for years to come.

We are always looking for more trails to add to the HTSP. If you are a member of such a group/organisation, please get in touch –

Happy trails