Sunrise on the CDT

At roughly 3,100 miles, the Continental Divide trail is one of the 11 National Scenic trails one of the largest conservation efforts in the United states. It is one amazing achievement to complete the trail. But what goes into protecting and promoting the trail? Well that’s where the CDTC (Continental Divide Trail Coalition) comes in.

The CDT map on HiiKER

Established in 2012 by a group of volunteers (including Executive Director, Teresa Martinez), the CDTC has worked tirelessly to constantly improve the trail, support the gateway communities and promote the conservation along the National scenic trail.

At HiiKER we are committing to further support the work of the CDTC through our Trail sustainability program. This sees a direct share of revenue earned from the sale of trail maps on the platform directed back to the CDTC. For each sale of maps on HiiKER for the CDT, $1 goes directly back to the CDTC.

2022 marks the 10th year of the CDTC. With the explosion in popularity of outdoor activities and thru-hiking alike over the past few years, the 2022 is expected to be a record year for the number of thru-hikers walking the trail. A partnership like this will be an excellent aid to the organisation with the potential number of sales of maps.

Lauren Murray, Director of Development at the CDTC said about the partnership “CDTC’s partnership with HiiKER is unique and we’re excited to see it grow and benefit the CDT over time. Maintaining a trail that stretches the length of the country with limited resources requires a high level of project management and ingenuity. HiiKER is supporting this work by providing more information to the public which is a key tenant of CDTC’s work.” 

View of the majestic Jefferson Pass on the CDT

This is the first step in a much longer path to assisting the organisations that help us all get out into the wild safely and explore the great outdoors by foot. HiiKER will be launching more programs and functions that will give users the ability to support these organisations with ease.

CMO for HiiKER, Eoin Hamilton said “We are thrilled to partner with the CDTC. As one of the most popular National scenic trails we see this as an important avenue for trail sustainability. Now hikers of the CDTC can hike the trail knowing that the tool they use to navigate not only helps them, but helps the trail itself. Trail organisations are the backbone of the hiking community. We feel it is our obligation to assist those organizations by providing funding from revenue we earn on our platform.”

To find out more about the organisation, the work that they conduct and how they are marking their 10th Anniversary, head over to