New Zealand has the Te Araroa, Australia has the Australian Alps trail, UK has the End to End trail and the USA has a list of mega trails (Thru-hikes), like the Pacific crest trail, the Continental divide trail, the Appalachian trail, the Pacific Northwest trail (to name a few).

Crystal lake along the Hexatrek

Now, France can claim Hexatrek as an authentic Thru-hike experience. Long-distance hiking has a rich history in France, but the growing popularity of Thru-hiking, especially for much longer distance trails, sparked a team of passionate hikers to create a French thru-hiking experience.

Linking some of the GR Routes from the southwest coast of France – on the border with Spain – to the Northwest border with Germany, the trail takes hikers through some of the most challenging mountain terrains in France. But in the true French style, this route will take you through stunning landscapes and picturesque villages and towns. A true wine and cheese connoisseurs’ dream hike!

The Hexatrek route on HiiKER

You can now plan your Hexatrek hike using HiiKER. And you can support the ongoing development of the trail by clicking on the “Donate to trail” button on the trail page in the app.

You can also support the trail via their official website and you’ll find plenty of other useful information like; what gear to pack, information about towns along the route etc.