The Scenic Rim Trail map on HiiKER

Have you hiked Australia’s newest Great Walk? If not then we’ve put together a quick guide on the many beautiful things to see and challenges to overcome along this magnificent hiking trail. The Scenic Rim Trail can be divided up into four distinct sections and comes with a total elevation gain of 5,925ft (1,805m). Some of the trails are difficult to identify so relevant topographical maps and hiking apps, such as Hiiker, are essential when taking on this full point-to-point hiking trail.

View of the landscape surrounding the Scenic Rim trail

Sample Itinerary

  • Section 1: Thornton View to Mount Mistake Walkers Camp
  • Section 2: Mount Mistake Walkers Camp to Castle View Walkers Camp
  • Section 3: Castle View Walkers Camp to Banshee Walkers Camp
  • Section 4: Banshee Walkers Camp to Cunninghams Gap

Section 1: Thornton View to Mount Mistake Walkers Camp

Distance: 5.6 miles (9km)

You don’t get the opportunity to ease into this multi-day hike as your first obstacle is a slow and strenuous ascent up the Mount Mistake mountain range. The trail you will follow takes you across overgrown weed-covered areas, rocky creek beds, and scrambles along natural rocks.

Once you reach the summit you’ve earned a break to compose yourself and take in the magnificent views of the Laidley Valley and the Little Liverpool Range. Make sure to be careful along the cliff edge leading up to the summit as it can sometimes be quite slippery so good footwear is essential.

From here the views only get better as you follow the steep ridges climbing slowly through a magical eucalyptus as the trail begins to plateau. You will come across a beautiful, natural lookout along your way which is the perfect stop off to snap some pictures of the local native birds or just rest your feet for a while.

Section 2: Mount Mistake Walkers Camp to Castle View Walkers Camp

Distance: 9 miles (14.5km)

The second section of the Scenic Rim Trail is a pleasant change from the intense uphill battle of the previous section. This section of the hiking trail will introduce you to the dense, subtropical rainforests of Main Range. The birdsong in this area can become so loud that you might end up shouting just so other members of your hiking group can hear you.

As you slowly become immersed in the rainforest you will welcome the shade as it cools you down. The rainforest can be dense and overgrown so be sure to have your hiking app or map on hand to navigate your way through the regrowth and dense, tangled vines.

Section 3: Castle View Walkers Camp to Banshee Walkers Camp

Distance: 6.5 miles (10.5km)

If you decide to camp overnight at Castle View walkers camp you will awake to a chorus of birdsong as the sun illuminates the valleys and cliffs around you. Once you have reached, and passed, the Mount Castle lookout you will need to tap into your navigational skills as you will delve deep into the dense rainforest. Be sure to keep away from the cliff edge as you make your way through this area as one slip could be fatal.

Prepare yourself to emerge from the trees out onto Sylvester’s lookout where you can be guaranteed to get that Instagram-worthy picture of the Fassifern Valley that stretches all the way to the peaks of the Scenic Rim.

Section 4: Banshee Walkers Camp to Cunninghams Gap

Distance: 8.25 miles (13.3km)

The final section of this hiking trail will take you through the least visited rainforest along the trail. The untouched beauty of the rainforest is truly a sight to behold as you navigate your way across the steep ascents and descents before you climb towards your final peak.

Scramble your way up to Bare Rock, where you can enjoy a break with stunning panoramic views over the rainforest you just conquered and “the Ramparts”, sheer cliffs that drop hundreds of metres into the valley below. Take this moment to congratulate yourself on completing this challenging trail through the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia’s World Heritage Area.