The Bibbulmun Track map on HiiKER

The Bibbulmun Track is said to be one of the world’s greatest long-distance hiking trails. It’s 590 miles (950km) of breathtaking landscapes starting in Kalamunda, in the east of Perth, and finishing up in the city of Albany. Tackling this monster trail is made easier with the use of a hiking trails app like Hiiker which comes equipped with all the trail maps you will need.

Waymarker on the Bibbulmun Track

Sample Itinerary

  • Section 1: Kalamunda to Dwellingup
  • Section 2: Dwellingup to Collie
  • Section 3: Collie to Balingup
  • Section 4: Balingup to Donnelly River Village
  • Section 5: Donnelly River Village to Pemberton
  • Section 6: Pemberton to Northcliffe
  • Section 7: Northcliffe to Walpole
  • Section 8: Walpole to Denmark
  • Section 9: Denmark to Albany

Section 1: Kalamunda to Dwellingup

Distance: 131.1 miles (211km)

The route between Kalamunda and Dwellingup is the longest section of the Bibblumun Track at 131.1 miles long, with many beautiful locations along the way. For the day hiker and avid picnicker, Hewett’s Hill campsite and Golden View Lookout offer beautiful settings for a lunch stop-off or scenic walk. The Golden View Lookout also offers stunning panoramic views of Mundaring Weir and Lake CY O’Connor.

There are also multiple breathtaking peaks along this trail section to check out, including Mount Dale, Mount Cuthbert, Mount Vincent, Mount Cooke, and Boomerang Hill.

Section 2: Dwellingup to Collie

Distance: 79.5 miles (128km)

Section two of the trail involves some challenging climbs, rewarding swim spots, and reminders of the raw power that nature holds. There is something for every type of hiker along this trail with many different highlights to be seen.

The Murray River is one of the more unique of these highlights with a new suspension bridge hanging above the rapids, flooded gum woodlands along the banks, and a magical campsite along its banks.

Section 3: Collie to Balingup

Distance: 53.4 miles (86km)

Although this section is a tedious walk, there are many beautiful creeks and forests to admire along the way before reaching the beautiful rolling green hills and open landscape surrounding Balingup village. The village is also the perfect stop-off point for a coffee and a croissant.

Be sure to check out all the unique sites along the hiking trail as well, including the Glen Mervyn Dam, Mumballup Forest Tavern, Balingup Brook, and the Virgin Jarrah forest.

Section 4: Balingup to Donnelly River Village

Distance: 36 miles (58km)

The standout point of this section of the trail has to be the magnificent karri forest, the second tallest flowering gum in the world. It offers stunning unique views that can’t be found anywhere else on this long-distance trail. The transition into this forest also marks the halfway point for thru-hikers attempting the full Bibbulmun Track.

Section 5: Donnelly River Village to Pemberton

Distance: 67.7 miles (109km)

Following the Donnelly River for much of this section, you will find yourself coming into contact with some of the hiking trail’s most impressive bridges, but before you come across these bridges you’ll experience the wildlife surrounding Donnelly River Village. This wildlife includes kangaroos, emus, and many other birds.

The famous bridges you will come across are the historic One Tree Bridge, Chappels Bridge, and the Beedelup Falls swing bridge. Be sure to take your time to enjoy each of these unique bridges.

Beedelup Falls

Section 6: Pemberton to Northcliffe

Distance: 36.6 miles (59km)

Home to the Gloucester Tree, the world’s tallest fire lookout tree standing at 61 metres, this section offers some more unique scenery. You can climb to the top of this fire tree by using the steel rungs to look over the surrounding forestry. When you move on from this tree the hiking trail will take you to the Cascades, a series of waterfalls that flow from Lefroy Brook.

Section 7: Northcliffe to Walpole

Distance: 88.2 miles (142km)

Get ready to be blown away when you come across the wild southern ocean for the first time along this bushwalking trail. With so many diverse ecosystems and magnificent milestones, you’ll find it tough to turn a corner without being left in a state of awe. From one of the largest freshwater lakes in the southwest to views of Chatham island, this section leaves hikers blown away.

Section 8: Walpole to Denmark

Distance: 78.3 miles (126km)

Now if you thought you were spoilt for choice of views and points of interest in the previous section, just wait until you start exploring this 78.3 mile section along the coast. With a multitude of beautiful beaches and cliffs as well as a world-famous tree top walk that takes hikers 40 metres above the forest floor, you’ll never be bored along this long stretch of trail.

Section 9: Denmark to Albany

Distance: 52.8 miles (85km)

Section 9 is a relatively easy coastal walk to finish off this massive hiking trail. With a multitude of coastal birds to see including pelicans and black swans, as well as some beautiful coastal swim spots there really is something for every type of nature lover along this trail.