Many android devices will force-close apps like HiiKER when they are using battery life. Even when you are recording a hike, it will see that the app is draining the battery and will shut it down until you open the app again. This can lead to your hikes not being recorded accurately.

Following these steps, will help you to allow HiiKER to continue recording in the background.

Step 1

Go to your phone settings

Step 2

Click on the search icon and type battery in the search bar. Open the Battery option

Step 4

On the Battery page click on the Background Usage limits.

Step 5

Click on “never sleeping apps”

Step 6

Click on the plus icon and search for the HiiKER App.

Step 7

Select HiiKER and it will add the app to the list.

This has now enabled HiiKER to continue to operate in the background, while you are recording your hikes.