HiiKER is now offering free offline maps to all users. But what does this mean?

From January 26th, everyone that creates an account with HiiKER will be able to download maps to their mobile device for free. That’s it! No catch!

All you need to do is download the app from the Appstore or Playstore, open an account and choose one of the 25,000 (and growing) hiking trails to download offline!

Why are HiiKER making offline maps Free?

There are many “Business reasons” as to why we are making the move to Free Offline maps. But above anything, we believe that Hiker safety is paramount.

One of the most staggering things we noticed over the past few years, is the number of rescues that are carried out by emergency services, that could have been avoided if the hiker had a good quality map. While we are developing an app to help more people get into the outdoors, there are still many that are exploring without the adequate gear/equipment to do so.

So by making offline maps free, we are breaking the status quo of all hiking apps, charging for this service and saying that safety shouldn’t require a subscription!

Who needs Free offline maps?

Who doesn’t need offline maps?

Offline maps means you have the freedom to us them while in the outdoors. Once you download the map to your device, you don’t need signal while hiking. So you can save that essential battery life!

What if I am already a PRO user?

Well you have just got bumped up to first class!

All existing PRO users will automatically gain access to our PRO+ membership. This allows access to additional features not available on the free version and access to our premium map layers, such as:

  • Ordnance Survey
  • Harvey Maps
  • EastWest Maps
  • Swiss Topo
  • USGS
  • LINZ
  • IGN France
  • and many more