The HiiKER Live locator is a powerful way to share your location with your family, friends and hiking group. It will show your live location with a high level of accuracy while you are on your hike. 

You can use Live locator to share your own location and to view other people’s locations who have shared their Location link with you. 

IMPORTANT: Live Locator will only work with an active data/internet connection.

Here is how you activate your Live Locator session

Step 1. 

Open any map screen in the HiiKER app 

Step 2. 

Tap the Live Locator button on the left of the screen towards the bottom 

Step 3. 

Toggle the Share Location button

Step 4. 

Select the finish time of the live session – Live Locator can be an intense battery user. Please keep in mind when selecting longer sessions

Step 5. 

Tap the share icon beside the URL under “Share link with others”. Choose the method of sharing this link – or copy the link so you can paste using another method, such as social media.

As long as your session is live, anyone with this link can view your movements. You can simply end the session by toggling the “Share location” button off. 

How to view other hikers Location on HiiKER app

Step 1. 

Open the link provided using the HiiKER app option on your smartphone

Step 2. 

You can now view this hiker on your smartphone through the app. You can also view some stats about their movement since the start of their session.

Step 3. 

If you are also hiking and you want to see all hikers who have shared their link on one map, simply open the live locator menu and toggle on the hikers you wish to view.

You can also use this function while recording or planning a route.