HiiKER commits to support The Outdoor Guide Foundation in helping young people to access the outdoors.

  • The Outdoor Guide Foundation is the charitable arm of the popular walking resource, founded by Outdoor TV personality Julia Bradbury and her sister Gina.
  • This partnership will support the Waterproofs and Wellies initiative which aims to supply schools and children across the UK that don’t have access to adequate equipment for education in the outdoors.  Children’s television presenter and Ambassador, Gemma Hunt launched the project in March 2021 and continues to spearhead the project alongside Julia.

[April 14th 2023] Today, the mobile hiking app HiiKER announced their partnership with The Outdoor Guide foundation, the charitable arm of the popular walking resource, founded by TV personality Julia Bradbury and her sister Gina.

Children at Four Acres Academy in Bristol getting wet and muddy after they are the first to receive their wet weather gear from the Waterproof & Wellies project which is part of The Outdoor Guide Foundation. Bristol. 30 March 2021.

Since HiiKER’s announcement to offer FREE offline maps to all users in an effort to enable more people to access the outdoors safely, it has attracted a lot of interest from the UK Outdoor Community. 

In an effort to further enable people to access the outdoors, HiiKER is committing a donation for each new user that is referred from the Foundation or using the referral link. 

This money will go towards the “Waterproofs and Wellies” initiative in the Outdoor Guide Foundation. This sees vital equipment being provided to schools and children across the UK to enable their well-being.

The Outdoor Guide – Children from Landsdowne Primary School in Cardiff enjoy their Waterproof + Wellies that have been delivered by Gina Bradbury from The Outdoor Foundation which was sponsored by local dentist Charlie Stephanakis. Headteacher Michelle Kinsey with the pupils

Almost one third of children in the UK live in poverty and do not have adequate access to the outdoors. A main barrier is the lack of a waterproof kit. It is widely proven that time spent in nature at an early age can have massive benefits to long-term physical and mental health of an individual. The more we can enable kids to simply jump in puddles in the safety of school the better.  By donating to the schools it means the kits will have a longer shelf life for those that really need them.

“We are so grateful and humbled that Hiiker is supporting our Foundation in this way.  As I keep saying, it’s all very well having these amazing places to visit but if at the grass roots the kids don’t have the right kit, it’s like dangling a carrot with no reward. We have identified that the right clothing should be a basic start to the adventure,  and by donating it to schools with the help of companies like Hiiker it’s a win win for all concerned, but in particular the children to simply jump in a puddle!” Gina Bradbury Fox Co-Founder The Outdoor Guide Foundation

“We are proud to partner with an organisation that values the importance of enabling young people to spend more time in nature and to feel confident in the outdoors. This is central to our mission in HiiKER, which makes our partnership with The Outdoor Guide Foundation all the more exciting” – Paul Finlay Founder & CEO of HiiKER.

The more you share the more will be donated. HiiKER support the link being shared and used as much as possible. If you have anyone that is interested in hiking or walking, not only is the app a valuable resource for hiking routes and maps, you can help support a worthy cause in the simple act of sharing a link. 

The link to share: https://hiiker.page.link/tog-partnership