I have hiked on the Wicklow Way hundred of times now, most recently at end to end in May of 2017. On this blog, you will find the packing list I have used to get me through the hike safely. It makes for a great trek, regardless of whether you have much experience doing a long-distance hike. Here you will find the complete packing list for the trail.

The list can vary depending on the season you hike, but this list should be adaptable either way. An extra layer if you are walking during the depths of winter is a good idea.

Full collection of gear for my last Wicklow Way thru-hike

4 Seasons in a day

When hiking in Ireland, it’s crucial to remember that you can often experience four seasons in one day, particularly when trekking in the mountains. With that in mind, layers are a good idea. Layers, allow you to strip down when it gets warm or wrap up for the cool evenings.

If there is anything you think I should add please comment below.

Wicklow Way – The Packing List

Clothing and Footwear

Zip Pants – Shorts and Trousers all in one (See-Below)/Hiking Pants1
Synthetic/Merino Wool T-Shirt2
Light-Long-sleeve synthetic top (See-Below) 1
Fleece-Top/Fleece Sweater
Waterproof pants and jacket1
Good Quality low friction socks5
Over the Ankle Hiking Boots1
Flip Flops for town/pubs1
Wooly Hat1
Baseball Cap1
A list of the clothing items required for the Wicklow Way

Toiletries and Medical

Crystal Deo Stick (takes up less space than can)1
Insect/midge Repellent1
Antihistamine/Piriton (for allergies, hayfever, hives, insect bites)
Pins and Plaster Kit1
A list of things for your toiletries bag while on the Wicklow Way (Thanks to Elizabeth Bradshaw!)


1.5L Water Bottle1
Water Filter (Sawyer Squeeze)1
35-60L Backpack1
Map and Compass1
Phone with Offline Maps1
Flip Flops for town/pubs1
Extra Battery 20-3000 mha1
Head Torch
A list of equipment for the trail like the Hiiker App, Bag, and Water Filter

Camping – Specific Gear

Sleeping Mat1
Tent – Hilleberg Akto (See Below)1
Warm Sleeping Bag (Comfort Level of at least 4 Degrees Celsius)1
Pillow – Therm-a-Rest Pillow (Link) – Optional1
Backpacking Pot1

Zip Pants

Not the most stylish but very adaptable

These can be silly looking things at the best of times but, as mentioned above, many seasons in the one day means that fast adaptability is going to give you the best comfort level as you hike. People able to quickly cool down or wrap up will keep you happy on the trail.

Synthetic Long-Sleeve Top

Synthetic Long-Sleeve Top Ideal for the Wicklow Way

I swear by this top. This one is a Nike Dri-Fit. I have used it running. When cold while hiking. When I want to cover my arms from the sun. They are very light but for what they are they keep you surprisingly warm. You will likely need a fleece top as well if it gets very cold.

Tent – Hilleberg Akto

Hilleberg Akto

The key hear is having something with enough ventilation to keep you comfortable, but waterproof enough to keep you safe and warm. Here is a great review by Long-distance Hiker Abbie Barnes on the Atko

Phone with Offline Maps

Hiiker App showing the Wicklow Way

The Hiiker App will help you with offline maps, accommodation and food stops listed all along the trail, stage by stage breakdown of the trail, reviews and comments from other hikers and much more. To learn more check out our blog Wicklow Way App

Map and Compass

The best maps you can get for the area come from Eastwest Mapping. You will need both their North Wicklow and South Wicklow Maps to get the full trail.